Textrader... Judas

Här kommer ännu en samhällskritisk text från Kai Hansen. I Judas får sig politkerna en käftsmäll. Det talas bland annat om vallöften och liknande.

Låten är alltså Judas och är skriven av Kai Hansen och finns med på Helloween EPn med samma namn från 1986.

You promise us all a bright golden future
You say you will save the world
That there will be no more hunger and pain
But we only see your golden hands
You say you take care of our survival
Sending us missiles instead
But you just betray us, deny us and lie
And you always say you would

Chorus 1:
Fight for freedom, fight for rights
I see treason, in your eyes

Chorus 2:
Judas---rulin' with an iron hand
Judas---sittin' in the goverment
Judas---I am not a Jesus Christ
Judas---you will be the one who's crucified

You worship money and economy
There's nothin' that you wouldn't do
If the payment is right, you don't care about life
'cause the economy is your truth
You are the one selling terror and pain
In all parts of the world
You are preparing the final grand slam
But you keep on telling, you'll

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

Judas, Judas---are you still human?
Judas, Judas---I can't believe it
Judas, Judas---dealing with evil
Judas, Judas
You keep on telling, you'll

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Chorus 2


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