No Sacrifise, No Victory, Track by track with Anders Johansson

I dagarna har den tyska hårdrockstidningen Metal Hammer publicerat en intervju med HammerFalls trumslagare Anders Johansson där han går igenom och berättar vad varje låt på den kommande plattan, No Sacrifise, No Victory, handlar om. Att det är just Anders som berättar tycker jag, personligen, är rätt skoj. Eftersom HF i nästan ALLA andra intervjuer företräds av Joacim Cans (sång) och Oscar Dronjak (gitarr). Jaja, nu tänkte jag i alla fall publicera den intervjun i sin helhet här. Mycket nöje!

Any Means Necessary:
It takes place in the twisted mind of a killer that is on the edge, ticking like a time bomb, 24/7. He sees himself not only as the judge and juror but also as an executor sent from God. It's our first single for this album. It's a mid tempo, sing along-type of song.

Between Two Worlds:
It's about a person caught between two worlds, in desperate need of change. A heavy dark ballad and many people's favourite. The organ is played by Jens, my brother, Johansson. The organ was recorded in Timo Kotipelto's kitchen.

Bring The Hammer Down:

A song about the Heavy Metal genre's rise, fall and powerful return. It also describes the spirit inside every metal fan standing united under one flag and one nation. Stefan and Joacim did this one. A heavy double bass.

Hallowed Be My Name:
Banned, for something he did not do, and cursed for his believes, Hector is now bound to walk the earth forever. He finds shelter in the dark night and asks for guidance from the sun and the moon. One thing is clear to him: that no matter what they do they can't take away his true identity and name. A heavy mid tempo song.

Life Is Now:

A song about life on the road and the importance about living your life here and now. A triplet feel. It's swinging. My personal favourite. It's interesting and not typical Hammerfall. Joacim does a great job here.

After giving in to the three temptations, the same temptations that Satan brought to Eve in the Garden of Eden, a man gets possessed by a legion of demons. He is bound to bring destruction and death to this world unless he finds a way to fight the demons and send them back to Hell. A typical Hammerfall-song with Double bass and power metal.

No Sacrifice, No Victory:
A song about staying true to yourself while fighting for your beliefs. No matter what happens you should sacrifice your own life rather than fighting dirty and losing your pride and glory. A typical trademark HammerFall song in mid trempo.

One Of A Kind:
A story about a handful of brave men that dared to stand up and defend their cursed nation. It's never too late to try and make a change. Faster than we ever recorded. Co-written by Jesper Strömblad from In Flames.

Punish And Enslave:
A chicken race where the outcome will settle the future of the world. A personal favourite, too. Priest-Accept style. A rocker.

Jaha. Det var väll intressant? :-D Jag tycker det i alla fall. Men det var allt för idag. Ha det så bra läsare!

Postat av: 666AERIME - Hårdrocksbloggen

SV: Jajjemen! Lär förlja din blogg via bloglovin nu, sånt här gillar jag!

2009-01-12 @ 22:21:27
Postat av: Metalnallen

Kom in och läs mina metal o rock recensioner!

Kommentera gärna!

2009-01-15 @ 19:23:47
Postat av: CrimsonAnna

Kul och tack för tipset-ska som sagt bli mycket intressant att se vad de har presterat denna gång. Jag har ju "Threshold" som favoritplatta med Hammerfall så det ska bli spännande-kul at se vad Pontus kan prestera

2009-01-15 @ 20:20:40

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