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Nu är det dags för ännu en tänkvärd text från hårdrockens värld. Denna gången så kommer texten (precis som en gång tidigare) från det finländska bandet Sonata Arctica. Texten heter Caleb och kommer från bandets senaste platta UNIA som släpptes 2007. Texten beskriver något som många barn går igenom varje dag. En lite sorgenlig text helt enkelt. Varsågoda!

His mother came up with such a clever way
to save the day with a little white lie.
He thinks he missed the point back then,
but now he's grown to understand it, in a way.

"Father said "I'm sorry" only once, as I remember"
"The words were not meant to hurt,
only destroy you, my stupid son.."
One person can make a difference, sometimes..
Just turn his head when the kid is still and has a weak neck.

Smiled at his funeral, "happy you're dead."

All his solutions, it seemed, were only problems in disguise
Glueing on his drinkin' face, got ready to erase another day..

Mother was yet confident,
altough they had it tight,
taught her son
At the end of every tunnel's a little light.
It wasn't a lie, it was her hope,
that everything would be fine one day
"He can fulfill his every dream, I'm happy as long as he's not."

I hate it and fear can't face it
the child is not right, he's my greatest shame

Go out, create thunder,
and stand right under
That old apple tree
Where dead snakes let him feed on those

Lost hopes, all those kind words would
hurt him even more, now
Somehow, lost one more way back home

Out on the lake, he rows towards a monster
he should've been running away from, years ago.
The past had made him blind to the way
he'd turned the pain into a way of life.

Followed his father, tucked him in, Caleb knows the trade.
He's the portrait of a man his mother drew to hate forever.
She was a beast, a deadly saint, wrong in many ways
Wanted to keep up the charade,
until the end waltzing together

Over the hills, under the sea,
fighting the will, whole Universe
Why does a man driving a hearse
Live in fear, Gift and a Curse

Taking 'em out, taking 'em all,
shooting the wall, over and out
When nothing moves, all's well,
A decision he can find a way to live with

.. and dried up flowers are so beautiful.
And it applies to all things living, and dead.
For that I serve my time.. in my suite in Hell.

"Now I ring the bell to tell the world,
I'm ready when they bring out the soon to be dead against the wall.."
This necessary evil has no heart
Flowers and people he will now enclance
A price he must pay serving a cold
.. whatevergod.

Jupp. Visst, den kanske flummade ut lite i slutet. Men jag tycker att meningen i den gick fram ganska bra. Vad den meningen var får ni idag försöka klura ut själva. En ledtråd är det som jag skrev i början. Lycka till.

Det var allt för idag! Hare! (ps. andra delen av Knasköping ligger nu ute på "Tales from a Wicked Mind... not")

Postat av: Madeleine

Svar: Jag vet, massa tack till dem :D <3

2008-12-02 @ 18:13:08
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